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HOOF-it®'s Blue Blacksmith Pro Hoof Stand - For Horse Owners, Blacksmiths and Farriers

Sold with Base Boot!

Made in the USA! Free Shipping within the USA! 

Have you ever wanted a single-unit, post, AND cradle hoof stand?  

* 2-in-1 post and cradle 
* Hoof care made easy
* For top and bottom of the hoof 
* Supports the horse 

One unit that makes it easy to work on both the top and bottom of the hoof without stopping to swap out parts or to another stand? We've invented, and field tested the new Blacksmith Model Hoof Stand and are manufacturing it now in the USA.

For situations where changing to a different stand or swapping out the post and cradle isn't practical in hoof care. We have designed the PostCradle© to hold a hoof on the post end with minimal to no cradle interference, and the cradle supports the horse’s hoof when you are working on the surface side of the hoof. 

The PostCradle© is built with a durable, inner foundation with supportive thick rubber coating to absorb shock and assist grip. The Blacksmith base is a heavy-duty black composite base. It was built for stability, workability and is lightweight. The support wings provide optimal stability, and the hexagon shape ensures that it will not "roll-a-way" if tipped over. 

Our mission is to refine, invent and create durable tools and accessories with your wants and needs in mind.



Max Working Hight: 24.25" 

Min. Working Hight: 16.25"

Base Width: 17.5"

Base Hight: 10.75"

Cradle Width: 7.5"

Post Width: 2.1"

Hoof Stand Weight: 6.1Pounds 


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What our customers have to say about the HOOF-it Hoof Stand- Black Smith Model: 

" I like it better than its competition stand because you don't have to replace the rest when you work on the hoof wall, just turn the stand a quarter turn et voila! It's very lightweight! Good solid construction and stands very solidly on the ground, never had it tip by accident. Highly recommend." - Marie

"I love it, and so do the horses. Time-saving and back-saving". -Rebecca Wyatt

"Absolutely loving this postcradle. So much easier to just have one thing and not have to switch out! The horses really like it too, and find it very comfortable to rest on". -Robin Nafshi

If you have further questions, we are happy to help.  775.783.9099