Hoof Stand Blacksmith Base Boot by HOOF-it


HOOF-it  Blacksmith Horse Hoof Stand features a modern design allowing the farrier, hoof trimmer, or horse owner to switch from the hoof cradle to the hoof post in one easy step. The cradle and post are covered with a shock-absorbing non-slip rubber material, which provides a comfortable support system for the horse.  

We were not the first or the only hoof stand on the market, in fact, the initial hoof stand that was recorded in the US Patten Office was back in 1854 and let me tell you we have come a long way. All hoof stands assist the farrier or hoof technician when doing any kind of hoof care maintenance, but we firmly believe that we have the smartest design on the market to date. This hoof stand was designed for the human to work more efficiently with ease of use and comfort to the horse.

What makes this farrier hoof stand different from the rest? It is the ability to go from "post" to "cradle" with one-quarter of a turn. There are no switching parts or changing hoof stands, it is quite simple and efficient.

Upgrade your old Hoof Stand base with the fresh and modern PostCradle or purchase a new Blacksmith Hoof Stand, we know you will appreciate all the features of this ground-breaking design that will assist you in all your hoof care needs.

This horse hoof stand is made in the USA! The Blacksmith comes with a 3-year limited warranty and a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee.