The HOOF-it® Commitment

Our commitment is to keep your needs at the center of our business, and your interest in high quality hoof care as the focal point of all our business decisions. HOOF-it® Technologies employs experienced professionals to ensure quality solutions to hoof care issues.

HOOF-it® is located in beautiful Minden, Nevada. We are the Primary Distributor of HOOF-it® Technologies in America and quality equine hoof care products from F.Dick. Please check our website regularly for our 2012 Hoof Care Clinic scheduling info.

HOOF-it® Technologies is a global leader in hoof care and innovative hoof care products. Established in 1998 as a division of the global marketing company HIMG Inc. (Haffner International Marketing Group). HOOF-it® Technologies has expanded to include divisions in Brazil and Germany, with Distributors across the US and Canada. HOOF-it® Technologies has grown to become a leader in providing high tech hoof care and equine dental products, for the equine markets of the 21st century.