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HOOF-it Natural Flex Plastic Horseshoes sold by the pair (2 shoes).   

PRE ORDER ONLY!!  Shipping SEPT 2023

HOOF-it Natural Flex Shoes made from high tech composite which provides excellent shock absorption, therapeutic hoof support, and flexibility for natural hoof expansion. Easy to fit and shape and can be applied with HOOF-it Hoof Glue or horseshoe nails. 

US sizes 8-12 / Euro Size 200/225

HOOF-it Natural Flex Shoes sold by the pair (2 shoes)

Natural Flex Size 8-12 / 200/225 Plastic Horseshoes are great for Larger draft horse breeds. Such as Belgians, Shires, Clydesdales, Percheron, Suffolk Punch, Breton, Italian Heavy Draft, Vladimir,  and other large draft horse breeds. 

How flexible are HOOF-it Natural Flex Composite Horseshoes?
Research has shown that soundness problems increase when a horse is shod with materials that are too soft and don’t offer enough traction. In response to this problem, HOOF-it developed the composite plastic material used on our horseshoes to mimic the natural shore hardness of a healthy hoof. This latest development in horseshoe technology accommodates the shore hardness of a healthy hoof without the unforgiving nature of metal horseshoes.

Horseshoe measuring instructions:
Trace each hoof on a sheet of paper and measure the height and width (at the widest part of the hoof). Call us at 1.775.783.9099 if you have any questions or need assistance in determining which size or type of horseshoe will work best for your horse.

Not sure what size horseshoe to order? Read our blog post on how to fine your horses shoe size.

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