HOOF-it Plastic Horseshoe

Natural Flex Plastic Horseshoes My dressage horse has two different front feet. Needless to say, he's tricky to shoe. He has to be shod regularly at 5 weeks to prevent his knee height from becoming uneven. The challenge is to prevent his heels from contracting in the more upright hoof. I decided to have my farrier try HOOF-it Natural Flex  alternative horseshoes on his front feet. He's been in them now for two shoeings. Since the composite material of the alternative horse shoes is not as hard as steel or aluminum and the shoe has a frog plate, his hoof growth is more even on each foot. What a great invention! There are lots of horses out there that don't do well standing and working on steel or aluminum shoes. I hope to compete him again this year at 4th Level and PSG.

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