Pulling a horses main

Pulling a Horses Main for Shows

Misty Kale

Pulling a mane is a method of thinning and shortening the mane. It is not essential horse care, but a pulled mane is easier to care for and braid for shows. That's because, for most show horses, a pulled mane is a must. It looks neat and tidy when down and makes braiding and banding tons easier, as well as helps compliment a horse with an attractive neck, or make a thin neck look thicker. It takes practice and patience, but if you're persistent, you can master this technique and keep your horses main looking neat and tidy.

1.  Separate a section of your horse's mane to be pulled - about three inches. Take the remaining mane and secure it with a clip or large rubber band to keep it out of your way while your working on each section.

2.  Take the section of mane that you are working on in one hand, holding the longest hairs in the section and with your comb push the hair upwards towards the top of the neck so that most of it bunches up.

3.  Take the un-bunched part of the hair that is in your hand and wrap it around the comb, giving it a good firm pull where you want to shorten it so that the hair is pulled out at the roots.

Repeat these steps with the rest of the mane making sure to brush it out every so often to make sure it is even and the desired length that you want. 

Remember to praise your horse for being so patient!

Pulling your horses main will give him a nice clean look that you can leave down or braid for a horse shows, and could give you an edge in the show ring.


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