Horse Genotyping

Horse Genotyping and Breed Testing

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As horse lovers, we often find ourselves wanting to know more about our beloved equine friends. Studying equine genetics is a fantastic way to get a closer look at our horses’ health; continue reading to learn more about horse genotyping and breed testing.

What is Genotyping?

Genotyping is the process of studying DNA to determine with genetic variants are possessed. Just as our genes have an effect on our hair and eye color, a horse’s genes have an effect on its breed and coat color.

Why Are Genes Important?

Genetics can often have a potential effect on future performance, health, and potential genetic diseases; this is why genetics are so important to horse breeders.


Genetic testing is often used to examine and “predict” the following:

  • Coat color
  • Coat pattern
  • Genetic predisposition to certain diseases
  • Parentage and lineage
  • Performance potential

Identifying predispositions to genetic mutations and diseases is perhaps one of the most important aspects of genetic testing; being able to proactively identify health conditions allows a proactive approach that can help minimize or even eliminate future issues that your horse may face.

As genetic testing becomes simplified and less expensive, it is gaining popularity throughout the equestrian community.

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