Founder / Laminitis

Dear HOOF-it, I am writing to you about Bo Jangles, my 12 year old registered quarter horse gelding. Bo was purchased this spring and was slightly tender to pincers on all four hooves when purchased. This tenderness did not reflect at all in the ring or on the trail once you began a course of corrective, conventional shoeing. All this changed dramatically in the June when Bo Foundered. Bo had been turned out to pasture, apparently the pasture was too rich in clover, and Bo gorged himself and became sick. When Bo was first seen by us after foundering, he was ready to go down under his own weight and simply could not stand to bear weight on any of his hooves. You responded quite promptly to our call for help and did corrective shoeing, incorporating special shoes and a rather miraculous product called HOOF-it II Hoof Repair Kit. This resin product was used by you to cover the hoof wall and to protect the frog and pad. Immediately following re-shoeing, Bo was substantially relieved. It was miraculous to see the difference a few hours could make where the intervening time was spent properly diagnosing and treating the problem with products which truly performed as well or better then represented. You have followed up twice with Bo since he foundered and the results are truly spectacular. I was working Bo on the ground within two weeks of the foundering problem and riding him within three weeks. Your regimen called for keeping him active and he was able to maintain a high level of activity with HOOF-it to protect him. You have re-shod Bo twice since he foundered and Bo's recovery is truly miraculous. I ride my horse regularly and have taken him on four and five hour trail rides over fairly rough terrain with absolutely no recurrence of symptoms. Bo is very reliable, very sturdy mount thanks to you excellent care and HOOF-it. I have personally thanked you a number of times for the excellent care you have given this horse and thought writing this letter would be helpful and a testimonial which you might share with other clients. Thanks again.  Yours very truly,  Joseph I. Cronin, Esq.