Farrier Referrals

Leslie Batistich


If you are a horse owner, you share in the challenge of keeping your horse comfortably sound. If you're like most of us, you've experienced lameness issues with your horses. You know that unraveling the source of lameness is a team effort between your vet, (or often more than one vet), your farrier, and you. Caring for your horses' hooves on a daily basis is as important as keeping clean water in front of him/her. Choosing a good farrier is also critical to keeping your horse sound. What do you think are the qualities of a good farrier? We are looking for top farriers around the country and for that matter around the world so we can build a farrier referral directory at hoof-it.com. We need your input, so if you are a farrier, or you have a good farrier, contact us. We'll need your name, the name of your farrier, location of your farrier business, your farriers contact info - phone number, and email address (optional). Also, if you want to share why you like your farrier, or what makes you a good farrier, we'll add that to your free listing in our directory. Thanks! The Hoof-it Horse Care Team