Customer Questions on HOOF-it Composite Horseshoes

Question: I am interested in knowing more about the composite shoes - particularly I am curious if you can get more than one shoeing from them? How long do they last? does the farrier use regular nails? Thank-you, Potential Customer  Natural Flex Plastic Horseshoes Answer: Dear Potential Customer: Thank you for your interest in HOOF-it composite horseshoes. Horses wearing our composite shoes benefit in many ways... Here are just a few: -Light in weight - Shock absorption -Increase of blood flow (see graphic) -Less stress on tendons and joins Our composite shoes are quite durable. The average horse will get at least one reset. I have actually had customers call and tell me that they have reset our shoes 5 times. Although I would never recommend re-setting a shoe that many times... I do hear about it quite often. On the other hand if you are doing highly competitive endurance riding or have working driving horses that are on asphalt all day 5 days a week you will probably only get one shoeing comfortably out of our shoes. As for nails... yes (most) any regular horseshoe nails will work. Regards, Team HOOF-it