Advantages of HoofStar™ Hoof Boots

  • Hoofstars are by far the easiest hoof shoes & boots to put on by the PRO and even the horse owner ever!
  • They can be fitted and glued on by anyone without special tools- unless they have two left hands.
  • Easily customizable to each hoof shape or size without special tools or major efforts.
  • Perfect for anxious, noise or smell sensitive horses and also for horses with pain, as legs and hooves are not required to be kept lifted up during quick glue bonding, as your horse can stand normally.
  • Absolutely flexible, without metal, excellent cushioning when occurring (protects joints, tendons, ligaments)
  • No restriction of hoof mechanics
  • Stay on for over 6 weeks. (As much as 8-9 weeks )
  • No damages to the hooves when pulled off or premature release.
  • Can be used once or for a repeat shoeing for the whole season.
  • Great shoes & boots when you intend to convert your horse from iron shoes to eventually barefoot.
The Hoofstar™  glue on hoof shoe developed by Hoofstar™ is fundamentally different from any horseshoe or footwear available on the market.

Hoofstar™ glue on hoof boots is easier and healthier for the hooves than the classic steel horseshoe. We use a special 2-component non-toxic polyurethane-based adhesive so that in 9 out of 10 cases our hoof boots is still firmly in place even after 6 weeks.

Due to the dampening, shock absorbing effects combined with the low weight compared to the iron, the Hoofstar™ hoof boot loads or strains the tendons and joints of your horse much less. Our hoof boot is flexible and not rigid like than steel shoes. This preserves the natural flex and mobility of the hooves. Horses have the feeling like walking barefoot without the horn wearing off.

Our Hoofstar™ glue on boots is also suitable for anxious and noise sensitive or odor sensitive horses and is a great innovative alternative for these horses. In contrast to conventional horseshoes, Hoofstar

™ hoof boots are not burned hot but instead quickly glued on in less than 5 minutes directly to the hoof. Our specially developed Hoofstar™ polyurethane based adhesive technology combined with our innovative HoofStar horse boot pre-fixing design provides a quick, secure fit on the hoof after just seconds. The hoof must be raised only once briefly so the stress level for your horse is significantly reduced.