Quarter Crack Problem

I had a great experience with HOOF-it II hoof repair and composite shoes for horses. I had just purchased a new horse in Texas. Shortly after arriving in California he developed quarter cracks on the medial side of both front hooves. The cracks were fairly severe in that they ran the full vertical length of the hoof and all the way up through the coronary band. I was very disappointed. My new horse was now lame and I was looking at missing the whole show season if I could not get the cracks stabilized, not only to reduce the pain, but also to get some growth started quickly so as to minimize his layup time. My farrier told me about some new products he was working with that he thought would help. He used the HOOF-it hoof repair to fill in and stabilize the cracks in combination with the HOOF-it composite shoes. Needless to say, my horse's lameness improved very quickly and the cracks started to grow down at a very fast rate, probably three or more times faster than if my horse had been wearing regular metal shoes. My horse was back to full work in a very short period of time and I only missed the first show of the season. The HOOF-it products allowed me to greatly decrease the layup time of my horse and put him back to full work without any problems while the cracks were growing down. My horse did so well with the composite shoes that I kept them on him the whole time I owned him, about three years. The composite shoes were like "horsey tennis shoes." They had a lot more give and cushion to allow for an accelerated rate of growth of the quarter cracks, as well as to decrease the concussion on the hoof to minimize any pain as the cracks were growing down, thus allowing me to continue to ride and show my horse successfully instead of having to lay him up for an extended period of time. Melanie Stokes - Ramona, California