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HOOF-it® Natural Flex Plastic Horseshoes

While HOOF-it® Natural Flex Composite Horseshoes offer many benefits to your horse, here are a few that stand out to experts and valued customers alike:  

  • HOOF-it® composite plastic horseshoes are durable, lasting a minimum of one full shoeing, 6 to 8 weeks (most of our customers claim they get at least one reset out of these horseshoes).
  • Traditional nail placement is made easy due to the clear color of the horseshoe.
  • Lighter-weight benefits for both stride and hoof.
  • Reduced concussion by as much as 60% resulting in fewer impact injuries.
  • Frog support helps to improve overall circulation, which has been documented in thermal imaging studies, and also helps to stimulate hoof growth.
  • Our plastic composite horseshoe's aid in reducing pain or discomfort from chronic conditions such as ringbone, laminitis, and navicular disease.
  • Increased traction on all terrains helping to prevent injuries to your horse both under the saddle, and during turnout. 

HOOF-it® developed the composite plastic material used on our horseshoes to mimic the natural shore hardness of a healthy hoof. This latest development in horseshoe technology accommodates the shore hardness of a healthy hoof without the unforgiving nature of metal horseshoes. 

One of  the greatest benefits of using plastic horseshoes involves improved circulation into the frog and hoof. Also, composite horseshoes provide an easier surface for your horse to stand on than metal. If your horse is suffering from navicular, laminitis or founder, or any arthritic problems such as ringbone, you'll reduce the pain and help your horse become comfortably sound again by using Natural Flex plastic horseshoes. 

The circulatory benefits of using composite horseshoes has been documented by thermal imaging.

These shoes are made from a composite material that mimics the shore hardness of a natural hoof. Since there is NOsteel or aluminum in this horseshoe, it allows for maximum shock absorption. We have seen and heard about horse's gates, strides and soundness improving due to the shock-absorbing quality of these Natural Flex Horseshoes. Think about it, would you want to run a mile in dress shoes or sneakers?   We are certain that your horse will agree. 

This Horseshoe has many advantages over other alternative types of Horseshoes.   

  • They are made wide web, so they are very easy to customize to your horse's feet.  
  • The pattern we chose was not by mistake. This pattern allows you to move the nail head in or out depending upon how you have to shape the shoe to get a perfect custom fit for your horse. Since with composite horseshoes you cannot heat the shoe and bend it to customize, you must be able to trim the excess off. After doing this, it's a must that your farrier be able to move the nail placement to the proper spot to avoid any "hot" or "close nails." With this shoe you will never have to compromise the fit for nail placement! We have designed these shoes with half-moon recessed areas where your farrier can move the nail in or out depending on your horse's white line.
  • Since the nail placement is recessed, you are able to set the nail head down where the nail head is protected.
  • The material: This composite or "plastic horseshoe" is made of a number of composites that is designed to replicate the shore hardness of a healthy natural horses hoof. There is NO aluminum or steel core that would compromise shock absorption.  
  • We also incorporated a slight "rockered-toe" for better break-over.  
  • The durability is second to none.  These shoes are used by horses of all disciplines. Whether you are in an arena, running the Tevis Cup or working on pavement, these shoes will last.  We guarantee them for one full shoeing.  However, a lot of our feed back is that our customers are getting at least one reset out of them. 

It is easy to find your horses shoe size. You just need to measure across at the widest point and then from the toe to a heel.  With those two measurements we can get you the proper fit.  

We are proud to offer the largest selection of plastic horseshoe sizes on the alternative horseshoe market to date. Our shoes cover ponies to draft horses. Sizes start at US 00 and top off at a US 12. Thesecomposite horseshoes are easy to fit and shape. Most often you can cut them down at least one full shoe size, because they are designed to be wide-web so you are able to customize the shoe to your horse's foot.   

At first glance they may look as though they will be time-consuming to apply.  However, once you apply your first pair, you will be pleasantly surprised as to how easy and time saving they are.  No anvil or forage needed.  After you floor the horses hoove's (trim and balance) you will simply put the shoe to the foot and take a sharpie and trace the hoof onto the shoe. Then remove the excess shoe with grinder or nippers.  Since our nail placement is designed to move the nail head in or out, you are not limited to one nail placement. Which makes this plastic horseshoe truly customizable.  

You will find nailing and gluing instructions on the Application part of this FAQ page. 

Nailing Horseshoe  Directions  

1. Trim the hoof for balance.

2. Start fitting the HOOF-it® Natural Flex Horseshoe. When choosing the correct size shoe for your horse, you want to choose a size horseshoe that is somewhat larger than the hoof; the excess will be rasped off later. 

NOTE: to remove the toe clip, simply rasp it off.  

3. Use 2 or 4 standard nails to nail the shoe in place (fewer nails equal a healthier hoof!) Note: We recommend pre-drilling nail holes in the recessed nail placement areas.  

4. Now rasp the excess shoe width off to custom fit the shoe to the hoof.  

5. Additional nails can be used if needed.  

6. Clinch the nails to apply the finishing touches. Ready to ride, stable or pasture. Nailing suggestions are intended for trained farriers only.   



 Gluing Directions 

  1. Trim the hoof to balance. 
  2. Apply glue to the hoof-bearing surface of the shoe. 
  3. Apply the shoe to the foot and hold for 2 minutes or until the glue is set. 
  4. Shape the composite shoe to the proper shape to fit the hoof. 
  5. Pay close attention not to touch the hoof wall with your hands anywhere the glue will be applied in order to prevent any oil from your hands getting onto the hoof. 
  6. After the glue is completely set you may rasp the hoof and glue to achieve a smoother surface.   Rasp the hoof wall where your glue will come in contact when the horseshoe is applied. 
Yes.  If you do not need the toe clip, you can easily remove it.  Most farriers use a grinder or nippers at the time of shaping / customizing the fit of this horseshoe.  

HOOF-it® Blacksmith Hoof Stand / HOOF-it® PostCradle

If you aren't 100% satisfied with your purchase, let us know! 

If you'd like to return an item, just send it back within 30 days of delivery for a full refund of the purchase price! (minus shipping and handling.) 

  • A refund will be issued in the same form as the original payment within 30 days of receiving your return order.
  • If you are returning a gift, the original purchaser will be credited.
  • We can only accept returns if the item was directly purchased from


The HOOF-it Blacksmith Hoof Stand and the HOOF-it PostCradle is covered by the manufacturer's 3 YEAR LIMITED WARRANTY. If any HOOF-it Blacksmith Hoof Stand fails within this period, HOOF-it will replace it. 

This 3 YEAR LIMITED does not cover products that are improperly used, abused, altered or repaired. Proof of purchase is required. Warranty applies only to the original purchaser and is not transferable. 

Please call 775.783-9099 for further instructions. Deficient products that are covered by this policy will be replaced or repaired, at HOOF-it’s discretion. 

HOOF-it® PostCradle

Yes, the PostCradle made by HOOF-it® does fit in the Hoofjack® base.  Just imagine, no need to repurchase a hoof stand.  Just purchase the Postcradle accessory and voila, no more switching out, losing parts, or lugging around two stands on the job! 

NOTE: HOOF-it® does not sell Hoofjack® bases any longer.  Hoofjack® is owned and trademarked by Equine Innovations. 

Yes, the Post Cradle made by HOOF-it® does fit in all of our HOOF-it® original bases. Just purchase the Post Cradle accessory and your stand has been upgraded to the new 2-in-1 design.



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