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Does Your Horse Have a Frog Infection?

Leslie Batistich

Frog infections are more common than most horse owners realize. Infection in the frog causes lameness and soreness issues that can be overlooked or mis-diagnosed when a horse is shod. If you horse is suffering from frog infection, you’ll see separations and sloughing in the frog tissue. Frog tissue separation traps mud and manure, causing a perfect environment for bacteria and fungus to thrive. The bacteria and fungus invade the central sulcus of the frog, creating a deep crack that can penetrate into the soft tissue of the coronet band. A healthy frog does not have this cleavage crack.

Frog infections contribute to heel contraction and alter a horses’ gaits. Diagnosis and diligent treatment are important in reversing and healing infection in the frog. In our next post, we’ll discuss treatment options and monitor treatment progress in healing this painful hoof condition.