Letter from a BWFA Journeyman Farrier

Letter from a BWFA Journeyman Farrier

Team HOOF-it

I am a full-time farrier in Maryland and shoe all types of horses doing anything from dressage to steeple-chasing. I have used the HOOF-it  shoes for six months now and am extremely pleased (as are the horses!). They (so far) stay on better (they actually mold to the hoof over time) and longer than any other shoe I have ever used and seem to offer more comfort to most horses than any other shoe. I have the most success when I fill the shoe cavity in with dental impression material and anti-bacterial granules from Eponashoe. With thin-soled horses, the interior of the shoe can “pinch” the sole without the “putty” protecting it. Also, using e-head nails seems to be best. I would love to see a more round (as opposed to oval) design included in your HOOF-it standard product line (ie. a front and a hind pattern instead of a compromise).

Thank you very much for your time!

Jonathan Fell, BWFA Journeyman Farrier

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