Horseshoe for Mounted Patrol Horses

Horseshoe for Mounted Patrol Horses

Leslie Batistich

Minneapolis Police Mounted Patrol

Thank you for your help in addressing the concerns of the Minneapolis Police Mounted Patrol Unit regarding shoes for our horses.

When I first contacted you, we were preparing for protests related to the International Scientists of Animal Genetics conference that was being held in our City. We were looking for a shoe for our horses that would provide proper grip on the wide variety of surfaces our horse's encounter, as well as flexibility and durability.

We received our order in less than a week and our Farrier had no problem putting the shoes on. The test would be how they held up during the protests. During the protests, we had other Mounted Patrol Units from other agencies providing mutual aid. One of the things we noticed immediately was the fact that our horses had much less slipping than the horses from the other agencies that were using steel shoes, barium shoes, or a combination (steel with barium tips).

Our horses definitely had much better footing, which was a great advantage! The shoes have been extremely durable while remaining flexible, which is healthier for the hoof.

We are very pleased with the performance of your HOOF-it shoes and plan to continue to use them in the future. Thanks again! I look forward to meeting you soon.


Officer Angela M. Dodge Minneapolis Police Department Mounted Patrol Unit Coordinator