15 best horse movies that you need to see

15 best horse movies that you need to see

Misty Kale

We all love a good horse movie that makes us want to gallop off into the sunset so here are some of the best ones that you won't want to miss.

The Man From Snowy River follows 18-year-old Craig, who has to work to get his family’s farm back on its feet following the loss of his father. The sequel, Return to Snowy River will also be one you won't want to miss.
2. Champions

Bob Champion and his horse Aldaniti overcome numerous obstacles in this 1981 film, based on a true story.

 3. National Velvet

National Velvet stars a young Liz Taylor as Velvet Brown, a young equestrian who wins a downtrodden horse in a lottery and tries to turn him into a champion.


4. Secretariat

This 2010 Disney film relives Big Red’s unrivaled dominance on the racetrack and his owner’s determination to get him there.

5. Ruffian

The true story of the legendary filly, Ruffian, from her rise to stardom in the 1970’s, to her tragic downfall on the racetrack.


6. The Black Stallion

After surviving a shipwreck that has left young Alec stranded on an island with a mysterious Arabian stallion, the boy and the horse are forced to find common ground. The Black Stallion tells the story of their rescue and the bond they form as they prepare to race the fastest horse race in the country. You will also want to check out The Black Stallion Returns.


7. Flicka

Starring Tim McGraw, Flicka is about a young girl’s attempt to tame a wild mustang and make it her own, while proving to her father that she has what it takes to take over the family ranch.


8. Phar Lap

An incredible true story, Phar Lap was a beloved Australian racehorse in the 1930’s. The film explores his successful and dramatic life as he races in events across Europe and in the United States.


9. Sea Biscuit

Set in the depression-era, Seabiscuit tells the true story of an undersized racehorse who inspired the nation.


10. The Horse in the Gray Flannel Suit

Exploring the search for purpose in a business dominated world, The Horse in the Gray Flannel revolves around a businessman and his use/exploitation of his daughter’s horse to market and promote a stomach medication. Obviously.


11. War Horse

War Horse is an inspiring 2011 film about the bond between a man and his horse. This remarkable story explores the power of love and friendship during a time of war.

12. Hidalgo

Hidalgo tells the story of a Pony Express courier and his horse, Hidalgo, who together travel to Arabia to compete in a legendary horse race.


13. Black Beauty

14. Dreamer

Starring an impossibly adorable Dakota Fanning, Dreamer tells the story of a horse-crazy little girl and her mission to rehabilitate an injured horse. Based on a…yeah.


15. The Horse Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer is a film about a handsome horse trainer (Robert Redford) who helps a young girl (Scarlett Johansson) and her horse on the road to recovery after a traumatizing riding accident.




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