HOOF-it helps a mare with Quarter Cracks

Dear HOOF-it, I just wanted to drop you a line to thank you for your wonderful product. We (my vet, farrier, and myself) have been struggling with persistent quarter cracks with my 8 year old Quarter Horse mare for the last 5 years. After many variations of heart bar shoes, different padding and trimming techniques, and a short stint of barefoot... we found that barefoot seemed to provide the best results. However, my mare has extremely flat feet and did not do well without shoes. After almost a full year with no improvement, I saw your ad in the California Horsetrader, and decided your composite HOOF-it shoes were worth a try. Bingo. After just 6 weeks we had almost 1/2 inch of new hoof growth with NO advancement of the existing hoof crack, after 12 weeks nearly 1 1/8 inch. She even went up a size. We are very pleased with her improvement which can only be explained by your composite horseshoes. Thanks again for your wonderful product. Diana W. San Marcos, CA