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Hoofstar™ The Easiest “Glue-On Horseshoe / Hoof Boot” On The Market To Date! 

Key Advantages:

  • A true Glue On Composite Horseshoe / Hoof Boot. 
  • Quick, clean and very simple to apply.
  • Easy to fit and can be glued-on by anyone that is willing to give them a try.
  • NO special tools or training required.
  • Adjustable to most common hoof sizes and shapes.
  • Perfect for the anxious or noise sensitive horse.
  • Ideal for horses with pain issues, as the feet are not expected to be held up during gluing and bonding.
  • Flexible and shock absorbing without a steel or aluminum core which assists in protecting joints, tendons, ligaments
  • No restriction of natural hoof flexion and mechanical function.
  • These horseshoes will last one full shoeing cycle, ranging from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • No damage to the integrity of the hoof wall.
  • The Glue will fill-in Hoof cracks and even repair missing hoof walls at the same time.
  • Ideal when transitioning your horse from steel-shod to barefoot.  
  • Designed and produced by a farrier with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.
  • No Nail Option


0:   5 1/8 wide by 5 3/4 long

1:  5 1/2 wide by 6 1/4 long 

 Kit Includes:

  • 1 pair of shoes (2 shoes) 
  • 2 50 mL of Hoofstar Glue
  • 4 Mixing Tips
  • 50 mL Caulking Gun Converter
  • Roll of Curing Warp 

Click here to download the PDF Directions

Please note: The Hoofstar Glue is a PU fast setting
adhesive and curing/setting times may vary especially at
hot outside temperatures. At temperature over 80F / 27C +
degrees that the adhesive will set up within the mixing tip
during dispensing. At our side temperatures at or
exceeding 80F/ 27 C we recommend putting the glue
the cartridge in a cooler for about 30 minutes to lower the
the temperature of the adhesive before use.  By doing this, it
will increase the curing/setting/working time to about 60
to 90 seconds. 


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