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Hoof Glue™ has been made and designed to aid in quality hoof care. Hoof Glue™ is used to repair hoof wall, hoof cracks, hoof pads, as well as glue-on horseshoes in controlled environments. 

This Hoof Glue™ product has a strong durable hold, yet maintains flexibility for natural hoof expansion. Quick setting times makes this glue ideal for all types of hoof wall repairs and injecting hoof pads. Hoof Glue™ will adhere to Steel, Aluminum and HOOF-it® Natural Flex Shoes.  

This quality hoof repair product is non-invasive to the hoof wall. And provides the farrier with a quality hoof care tool to carry on their rig for those hoof walls that need a bit more attention. No farrier or hoof care technician should be without a quality repair product.   

Apply with Application Gun (application gun NOT included)



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