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X-FIT™ is a proprietary "pre-digested" plant oil based fatty acid feed concentrate for horses. The proprietary process enables today’s sport and leisure horse to get the crucial fatty acids they need to perform to their fullest and live a healthy life.

By adding X-FIT™ to your horse' diet you will typically quickly see an increase in top line, better focus during exercise and faster recovery from intense workouts.

X-FIT™ benefits leisure horses and senior horses with cushings as a direct "cold energy" source of fatty acids.

Does not contain any GMO's, artificial additives, sugars or animal products.

FEI/USEF safe use.

20 lb tub provides about a 45 day supply for one horse
55 lb box provides about a 124 day supply for one horse

Does not conflict with any FEI or USEF regulations.