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Thrush-Off is specially made to prevent the development of the damaging environment in the frog described as Thrush. Thrush-Off is not based on antimicrobial effects, but instead an alteration of the environment in the frog. In this process, moisture, ammonia, sulphur components and dirt are all removed. The result is a reestablishment of a healthy frog, which can prevent bacterial growth and subsequently development of thrush.

Directions for use:

1. Shake bottle

2. Clean frog out for dirt etc.

3. Use squeeze bottle spout and generously pour Thrush-Off into affected area as deep as possible

4. Apply once or twice a day until Thrush is gone, when the foul smell has disappeared it is normally a sign of that the frog is healthy again. Normally 1-3 days of application will solve Thrush issue. 


Follow up with Hoof-X to prevent further Thrush attacks!


Proprietary formula of natural inorganic salts of mineral complexes specifically created as aid for Thrush. pH = 3