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This German made F. Dick - Economic Farrier / Hoof Trimmers Hoof Knife features a straight blade made of high-quality stainless steel. The long, straight blade is polished, with a sharp cutting edge geometrically shaped for prolonged performance. The 5" handle, made from beech wood, is ergonomically shaped, which, when combined with the blade shape, ensures top performance and a dynamic finish.   

This quality hoof knife is made to hold a sharp edge and last. Quality farrier and hoof trimmers deserve to use top - quality products at a responsible price. This quality knife will not let you down. 

Available in Left Hand - Long Narrow Blade   

How to sharpen a your Hoof Knife:

How to sharpen your hoof knife.

To sharpen the hoof knife please draft the blade several times on the inner side (cutting edge) along the overall length of the sharpening steel. The cutting edge should be conducted at an angle of 15-20°.

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