1. Roughen Hoof Surface

2. Dry Hoof

3. Find Proper Bar Size

4. Snap-in Bar

5. Make Sizing Adjustments

6. Wrap Hoof

7. Open Fill Holes with Hoofpick

8. Prep Glue Cartridge

9. Inject Glue

10. After 10 to 15 Minutes Remove Wrap

1. Roughen the hoof surface

In order for the glue to adhere well to the hoof, the surface will need to be roughed up.

The best way to do this is with very coarse sandpaper. Lift up the hoof and sand the hoof wall once. It's best to use a HOOF-it Hoof Stand so you can work under your horse with ease.

2. Drying 

The Hoofstar horseshoe will only adhere optimally if the hoof is dry. Depending on the season and housing conditions, your horses hooves may be wetter or dryer. If the hoof feels moist, it must be dried before applying the glue.

To speed up the drying process you can use a heat gun or hairdryer.

3. Adjust the bridge

With your Hoofstar horseshoes you will receive adjustment bars. This will allow you to adjust the heel for a custom fit.

To determine which bar to use, place the shoe on your horses hoof and choose the bar that provides a snug fit.

4.Insert the bridge

After you have determined the correct bar to use, take the shoe off your horse and snap the bridge in place.

5.Sizing & Adjustments

In certain situations, you may have to adjust the length of the shoe. This is easy to do with a pair of nippers or a grinder. While the shoe is on (but before you have glued), trace the back of the hoof with a sharpie and then remove the shoe and trim accordingly.

6. Slide

Once the length and width of the shoe is perfect for your horse, it's time to glue them on.

To do this, put the shoe back on your horse and then wrap the hoof and shoe with the adhesive film. Six to seven wraps are enough. Since only the side walls are glued, the bottom does not have to be completely covered with adhesive film. When you're done, you can put the hoof back on the ground. Do the same with the second hoof.

7. Finding the filling holes

The Hoofstar shoe has 4 filler holes for the glue, two on each side wall. Feel for the holes and pierce a small hole in the adhesive wrap so that the glue can be injected. You can do this with a hoof pick or other non-sharp object.

8. Prepare glue

Insert the adhesive cartridge into your dispensing gun.

Then remove the plug of the cartridge and remove the screw cap. Extract a tip full of glue from the cartridge to ensure that both components are evenly mixed, then put the mixing tip on. Remove the cap and you are ready to apply.

9. Gluing

Place the tip into the first hole and inject. You will want to move quickly as the glue will set fast. The temperature outside will determine how quickly the glue will set. If you feel you need more working time, or you are working in extreme heat, keep the glue cartridge in a cool dry place before applying. Fill all 4 holes with glue.

10. Curing 

For optimal adhesion, allow your horse to stand for 10 minutes before you remove the adhesive wrap. Your horse is now free to move about.