HIMG Inc. | HOOF-it® is pleased to announce the global launch of a new and special experimental Hoof Stand to its current product offering - The HOOF-it® Blacksmith© Eco© Hoof Stand. The HOOF-it ® Blacksmith©Eco© is made from Arboform®, which is reminiscent of "liquid wood" and consists of 100% renewable raw, biodegradable material, so utilization of the Blacksmith Eco produces no microplastics and ensures a small CO2footprint.

HOOF-it® Blacksmith© Eco© Hoof Stand©

HOOF-it Eco Hoof Stand by HOOF-it   hoof stand top view


A hoof stand is used during the hoof care and shoe fitting work of an animal, typically a horse, so that the farrier does not have to hold it while working. Meanwhile, the hoof walls can be rasped, and the nails of the horseshoe can be nailed. Historically, the hoof stands produced by HOOF-it ® have usually been made of polypropylene with glass fiber. Recently, Hoof-it® founder & owner Heinz D. Haffner had the idea to explore the manufacturing options from a sustainable, eco-friendly material. Working together with a German company, Hunold + Knoop, to realize this vision, the answer was found in ARBOFORM®, a material that is also known as "liquid wood". The plastics distributor ALBIS PLASTIC GmbH, a partner company of Hunold + Knoop, provided advice on the material, an innovative plastic manufactured by Tecnaro GmbH from Ilsfeld, a manufacturer of bioplastic granules. The collaboration brought about a prototype of the HOOF-it® Blacksmith©Eco© Hoof Stand, which was presented during the Hannover Messe 2023 last week.  



"We chose the new sustainable material because it combines many advantages. It is completely biodegradable, consists of renewable raw materials and does not release any imperishable microplastics even when the hoof stand is used. With the CO2 footprint, 1.87 kilograms of atmospheric CO2 per kilogram of raw material are bound in the material. In addition, the global warming potential is only 0.8 kilograms of CO2 eq. per kilogram of raw material – with the standard material previously used, polypropylene-GF 30, this value was at least two kilograms. We are therefore very satisfied with the result of our innovation - and our customer Hoof-it ® is also enthusiastic," says H+K Managing Director Mathias Hunold.

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