Glue-on Horseshoes - these glue-on shoes are the simplest horseshoes to apply. Basic and effective application for the farrier, horse-owner or veterinarian.  


World best equine glue-on horseshoe!


Tested and aproved by farriers world wide.


Simple and easy applicaiton.

The easiest “Glue On Horseshoe / Hoof Boot” on the market by Hoofstar™

Key Advantages:

  • A true Glue On Composite Horseshoe / Hoof Boot.
  • Quick, clean and very simple to apply.
  • Easy to fit and can be glued-on by anyone that is willing to give them a try.
  • NO special tools or training required.
  • Adjustable to most common hoof sizes and shapes.
  • Perfect for the anxious or noise sensitive horse.
  • Ideal for horses with pain issues, as the feet are not expected to be held up during gluing and bonding.
  • Flexible and shock absorbing without a steel or aluminum core which assists in protecting joints, tendons, ligaments
  • No restriction of natural hoof flexion and mechanical function.
  • These horseshoes will last one full shoeing cycle, ranging from 6 to 8 weeks.
  • No damage to the integrity of the hoof wall.
  • The Glue will fill-in Hoof cracks and even repair missing hoof walls at the same time.
  • Ideal when transitioning your horse from steel-shod to barefoot.  
  • Designed and produced by a farrier with a Masters Degree in Mechanical Engineering.