Sox Trot

Tall Boots & The Right Sox

Leslie Batistich

Getting back in the saddle again means repurchasing items and accessories. Some of my new favorites are very inexpensive items.  In my helmet post, I talked about the RWR No Knott Hair Net from Smartpak, still one of my favs. Another one that is under $10.00 USD is the Sox Trot Knee Hi Boot Sox.

What can I say, some days I feel traditional and sport the "New Derby"...

sox trot














… and some days I need extra superpowers and I wear the "Comic" sock. 

Above all, these sox are thin and comfortable under a custom fit boot.  They offer traditional solid colors, but I went for the flashy fun ones. They make me smile every time I put them on.

They will hold up better than a cheap nylon sock but please note: Do not do what I did and wash them with my Tailored Sportsmen’s.  The velcro closures will eat them up.  Speaking of Tailored Sportsmen Breeches and velcro closures, isn't it time that these were updated to a "sock- bottom?" If you love your Tailored Sportsmen's and think they should go to a sock-bottom comment below.   


Solid Colors. 


Just a few of their fun prints.

Because Soxtrot is so cool.  They gave us a coupon code for all our readers.  Use coupon code "HOOF-IT15" or just click this link for a discount.



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