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Hoof Stand HOOF-it® 2 in 1 durable model - black

Mac Macalary
A superb tool that ought to be in every barn. I had looked at a similar style (hint: it's more expensive and you have to switch heads rather than just position the hoof differently) but am really glad I went with this one. The only thing the other style had that I wish this one did was the magnets to put your tools on. Oh well it's not that big of a deal.
I have been quickly able to show my horses how to rest their hoof on this and can easily do some touch up rasping to keep their hooves in great shape.
This is very very stable. I put at least one foot on the base while I'm working....

Hoof Stand 2 in 1 PostCradle™

Vernorn Bent
Works great but the plastic hoof cradle is cheaply made, is fine for smaller qtr horses but when moving up to the 1800-2200lb horses it breaks easily if they put any weight on it. Other than that I love it !...

Hoof Stand 2 in 1 PostCradle™

matthew frost
Great product, real time saver not having to switch. keep up with the great ideas. Matt Frost farrier...

Hoof Stand 2 in 1 PostCradle™

Reeve Colflesh
Very handy. My only suggestion is to make the post longer as I am unable to raise it as high as I need to at times when taking a front leg forward....

Hoof Stand 2 in 1 PostCradle™

J.D. Bookout
I’ve been using the Hoof-it PostCradle on my Hoofjack base for one month now. I primarily shoe QH, but also have a mixed bag on the books.

My initial impression was that the PostCradle was sturdier than I expected, but more on that in a moment.

I like the fact that I don’t have to switch out posts on my Hoofjack, This saves time and the headache of having to keep up with 2 posts, or carrying 2 stands. I also like the quality of the product. It is definitely stronger than I expected. In fact, I decided to try it out with a new Clydesdale that one of my clients purchased. She was a leaner. I know I shouldn’t have, but frankly, I was too lazy to walk back to the truck for my Hoofjack cradle, so I figured “What the heck, let’s see how strong this thing really is.” Everything was going well, until she decided to put all her weight into the PostCradle. It was instantly flipped from under the weight of the horse. I heard a loud “pop,” and I knew the PostCradle had moved on to the next plane of existence. Sure enough there was a big crack where it mounts onto the peg. To my surprise, however, it still felt pretty sturdy. I continued, and used it on her hinds as well. In the subsequent weeks, I’ve been using it on “normal” sized horses, and it still works like nothing ever happened. It’s quite strong.

There are two things I don’t like about the PostCradle. First, the “peg” portion is slightly large, and rounded for my preference. For me, it seems to be easier for most horses to push their hooves off the peg. Second, if you want to make sure you dress all the way through the heels, with the foot on the peg, you have to turn the cradle portion out of the way a time or two in order to get through the heels.

I’ll continue to use the Hoof-it PostCradle for a while longer, before I make a final decision. Overall, I like the product. I want to love it, but for the two reasons listed above, I can’t just yet. ...

Hoof Stand 2 in 1 PostCradle™

Rebecca Wyatt
I love it, and so do the horses. Time-saving and back-saving. I only wish there were more traction on the post part for wet hooves. I'm thinking about spraying on some truck bed liner (only on the post area). So far, I've been using it about a month and it's held up well....


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