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HOOF-it Hoof Repair

>HOOF-it® Acrylic Hoof Repair Kit - Instructions for Various Applications

Hoof Repair Application Instructions

Quarter Crack Mixing & Applications Instructions:
1. Clean crack with hoof knife to open the crack. Rasp and sand surrounding hoof surface.
2. Mix HOOF-it® Acrylic (1 part liquid to 2 parts powder) and fill in the crack(s) using spatula and/or your hands (wet hands in soapy water).
3. Press HOOF-it® Acrylic material into the crack and let the repaired patch dry for approx. 2-4 min. depending on outside temperature.
4. After patch has hardened, rasp and sand area. (Optional) Apply light protective coat and seal of HOOF-it® Acrylic by mixing a small amount and using a brush to paint over the patch and surrounding hoof area.

Missing Hoof Wall Instructions:
1. Rasp and clean hoof surface.
2. Apply HOOF-it® Acrylic mixture (1 part liquid to 2 parts powder) into the missing area(s), cracks or the entire hoof. Use wet hands or spatula (gloves optional) to spread Hoof-it® Acrylic mixture over the entire hoof surface.
3. Mold and sculpt HOOF-it® Acrylic mixture onto hoof until desired coverage is achieved. After 2-4 minutes, depending on outside temperature, nail on shoe.
4. Let the HOOF-it® Acrylic material set before returning horse to pasture or stall.

Pad Mixing Instructions:
1. Thoroughly clean the sole of hoof, removing all debris and ensuring the hoof is dry.
2. Mix HOOF-it® Acrylic (2 parts powder to 1.5 parts liquid) in the measuring / mixing cup to a honey-like consistency and pour 1/2 of the HOOF-it® Acrylic mixture onto the hoof sole.
3. Using the applicator stick and wet gloves, press the HOOF-it® Acrylic resin onto sole, forming a seal where the shoe and sole meet. Now pour the remaining HOOF-it® Acrylic mixture to fill the rest of the sole area.
4. Set the hoof down on a clean surface and allow the HOOF-it® Acrylic pad to cure for approx. 2 min. The HOOF-it® Acrylic patch or pad can be removed at any time with a hoof pick or by softening the HOOF-it® Acrylic with a little dab of acetone if necessary.

Note: When the weather is hotter than 75 degrees F, add more liquid to thin the mixture to prevent premature setting of the acrylic.
Note: Use damp, soapy hands or gloves when handling or molding the acrylic during the curing and drying period.
Note: MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are available upon request and by calling (800)598-7241 or (800) 222-5264 or (888) 665-9099

Hoof Glue - Instructions for Various Applications

Hoof Glue Directions:
Hoof Glue is a polyurethane (PU) based, quick-setting adhesive. It employs a rapid set time of only 30 to 60 seconds and can be used for repair, reconstruction, as well as pour-in hoof pads. This Hoof Glue product is also used as an emergency kit to glue on horseshoes. Hoof Glue has a fast set time, excellent adhesion and the right amount of flexibility, making it perfect for repairing large cracks or creating extensions.

Hoof Glue Prep:
1. Open cartridge by removing the tip. Insert cartridge into the glue gun.
2. Before attaching the mixing tip, squeeze a small amount of glue out to be sure both parts are dispensing equally.
3. If mixing with mixing tips: Attach a mixing tip by pressing and twisting clockwise.
4. When finished, do not release the pressure with the lever on the back of the dispenser. Remove the mixing tip and replace the cap. The pressure can now be released.

Hoof Prep:
1. Floor the foot.
2. Remove all loose hoof wall and sole. Remove all dirt and debris with a wire or stiff brush.
3. NOTE: makes sure the hoof is clean and DRY!
5. Have all materials prepped and ready. Make sure everything is in close reach to ensure you can apply evenly before glue starts to set.

Horseshoe Gluing Directions:
1. Trim hoof to balance.
2. Shape the shoe to the proper shape to fit the horse's hoof.
3. Rasp the hoof wall area where the glue will come in contact when the shoe is applied.
4. Make sure both hoof and shoe are clean and dry.
5. Pay close attention not to touch the hoof wall with your hands anywhere the glue will be applied, to prevent any oil from the hands getting onto the hoof.
6. Apply glue to the hoof-bearing surface of the shoe.
7. Apply the shoe to the hoof and hold for 2 min. or until glue is set.
8. After the glue is completely set, you may rasp hoof and glue smooth.

Note: MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheets) are available upon request and by calling 775.782.1200


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