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HOOF-it 2-in-1 Hoof Stand

HOOF-it Hoof Stand Application Instructions

Hoof care the easy and comfortable way! Easy on the horse and the user, the HOOF-it® 2-in-1 Hoof Stand gives you both the post and cradle integrated into one, innovative hoof stand. Do yourself a favor! Take the pain out of your back and knees with the New HOOF-it® 2-in-1 Hoof Stand from HOOF-it® Technologies

The HOOF-it® 2-in-1 Hoof Stand,features a shock absorbing, integrated rubber cradle and hoof post into one easy to use unit.

The Hoof Stand provides a stable and safe support for the horse, allowing it to relax without putting all of it's weight on you.

For additional safety and stability when working with the HOOF-it® Stand try the following:
♦ Keep one foot on the base unit when working with the HOOF-it® Stand.
♦ Do not leave the horses leg or hoof in the cradle or on the stand, when unattended.

Benefits for Farrier's, Veterinarians and horse Owners who use the HOOF-it® Hoof Stand:
♦ Easy to use 2-in-1 design integrates both the post and cradle into one.
♦ The ergonomic design of the HOOF-it® Hoof Stand dramatically reduces your risk of getting injured during hoof care tasks.
♦ The HOOF-it® Hoof Stand is ideally suited for use with all types of horses, including older horses that require special support and comfort during hoof care tasks.
♦ The cradle fits a variety of hoof sizes and cushions the hoof while working.
Let HOOF-it® Hoof Stand deal with the majority of the horses weight during any type of hoof care tasks, rather than your back or knees.

After receiving the HOOF-it® 2-in-1 Hoof Stand, you will need to make a quick assembly and adjustment. Instructions are as follows:

1. A) Post B) Cradle and C) Blue Base

2. Take A (post) and insert into B (cradle)

3. Insert the combined A/B (post and cradle) into C (Blue Base.) After inserting you will need to make a tension adjustment. Tighten the clamping mechanism so that when then clamp is in the locked position the post/cradle does not slip. You do this by pulling the clamp handle out straight, then while holding the nut, turn the handle clockwise until you achieve the desired tension (clamp closes completely and securely.) Once tension is adjusted your stand is ready to use. When using the stand, open the clamp to set the post/cradle to the desired height and then close the clamp to lock it in position.


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